Mayan cichlid tankmates and tank compatibility with other cichlids


Mayan cichlid tankmates Cichlasoma urophthalmus are large cichlids that produce a lot of waste and require a lot of space. That said its best to keep Mayan cichlids with other large fish of the same temperament.

Never keep Mayan cichlids with smaller tank mates because they will be tempted to eat them.

A 55 US Gallon aquarium should the minimum size tank for C. urophthalmus.

Larger tanks are preferred to house these cichlids such as 70, 100, 120, or even 150 US Gallon tank.

Some decent potential tank mates would be other Central American Cichlids, such as the Red Devil complex including Midas Cichlids, Amphilophus citrinellus, and Amphilophus labiatus. Other possible tankmates include Theraps species like the Black Belt Cichlid or Theraps maculicauda, the Redheaded Cichlid Cichlid, Theraps synspilum, and the Redspotted Cichlid, Theraps bifasciatum.

Other tropical fishes that may be compatible with Nandopsis urophthalmus are large freshwater catfishes, such as the suckermouth armoured catfish of the Loricariidae family. This family includes favourite aquarium denizens like Hypostomus plecostomus, Pterygoplichthys pardalis and other plecostomus species.

Its sugggested not to house Mayan Cichlids with members of the Nandopsis group, such as the Wolf Cichlid, Parachromis dovii, the Jaguar Cichlid, Parachromis managuensis, or the Motagua Cichlid, Parachromis motaguensis. This due to their close relations and all of these cichlids will fight each other for territory and for dominance.

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Underwater Video Footage of a Mayan Cichlid Fish


What is Mayaheros urophthalmus?

Mayaheros urophthalmus is a cichlid species native to Central America where it occurs in rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula and parts of Guatemala and Belize. Commonly known as the Mayan cichlid or Mexican mojarra, it is a popular aquarium fish prized for its bright coloration and interesting behaviors.

What is their natural habitat?

In the wild, Mayaheros urophthalmus lives in warm, vegetated rivers, canals, and lakes, often near shorelines or submerged structure. They prefer slow-moving or stagnant waters with soft, acidic conditions.

How large do Mayan cichlids grow?

Mayaheros urophthalmus can reach up to 16 inches (40 cm) in length in the wild. In home aquariums, they generally max out around 10-12 inches (25-30 cm) when fully grown and properly cared for.

What do they eat?

Mayaheros urophthalmus are omnivorous in the wild, feeding on plant matter, worms, insects, crustaceans and other small invertebrates. In captivity they readily accept flake foods, pellets, frozen and live foods.

What size tank do they need?

Mayan cichlids require at least a 55 gallon aquarium when fully grown. Provide plenty of open swimming space along with roots, rocks and caves for hiding and establishing territories.

Are Mayan cichlids aggressive?

Yes, Mayaheros urophthalmus can be highly territorial and aggressive, especially during spawning. Keep either singly or in a species tank. Tankmates should be robust, similar-sized cichlids.

Underwater Video Footage of a Mayan Cichlid Fish


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