Dovii cichlid for sale the Guapote of Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Dovii cichlid male A large and aggressive Cichlid that should be kept one to a tank, and best in a species tank. It will eat any fish smaller than itself and is perfectly capable of tearing apart any fish of similar size or larger. A pair can be considered but must only be kept together in a very large tank. For more information on Dovii cichlid tank size.

Wolf cichlids are now available in a new color form: Red Dovii Cichlid. An unfussy eater, will accept cichlid pellets and live/frozen foods such as silversides, shrimp and krill. Males are highly aggressive towards other males of its own species, especially when in the small confines of a tank. Will predate any other fish in the environment. Feed pellets, frozen foods like silversides and krill, and earthworms on occasion. This fish is a substrate spawner.

Parachromis Dovii: Caring for the Imposing "Wolf Cichlid"

With its enormous size, predatory nature, and aggression, the freshwater fish Parachromis Dovii puts the "wolf" in wolf cichlid. This Central American species demands large aquariums and experienced keepers to thrive.

Growing up to 20 inches long in captivity, Parachromis Dovii is one of the largest cichlid species. Native to rivers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, they are voracious ambush predators, eating mainly fish and some crustaceans. Their camouflaged brownish coloring helps them hunt.

Providing for this predatory fish in captivity takes dedication. Single specimens need a minimum 90 gallon tank, with 125+ gallons preferred. Robust filtration and regular water changes are musts. Tankmates must be large, robust fish that can defend themselves. Plants and decor are often shredded or ignored.

Parachromis Dovii are highly intelligent and recognize their owners. But they are also extremely territorial and don't tolerate other fish. Males in particular are prone to aggression and may even attack their reflection. Proper tank setup is key to curbing hostility.

Breeding Parachromis Dovii is also challenging, requiring a large dedicated tank. But reproduction can happen in well-simulated environments. Fry initially need frequent live foods like brine shrimp.

For experts up to the challenge, Parachromis Dovii offers a window into Central America's incredible aquatic predators. This lone wolf fish commands respect for its impressive size, fierce nature, and demanding requirements in captivity.

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