Amphilophus labiatus for Sale from Lake Managua Nicaragua

Amphilophus labiatus the Red Devil from Nicaragua Amphilophus labiatus belong to a complex of cichlids from Central America known as the Midas cichlid species complex or Amphilophus spp. commonly called Red Devil Cichlids in the aquarium hobby, A.labiatus is endemic to a group of crater lakes located in the western part of Nicaragua. It has been recorded in Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. Additionally this species has been found in tributaries around the lakes and some rivers in Costa Rica.

A.labiatus seems to be offered in many varieties or stains with differing color patterns. Certainly beautiful to the eye some of these are naturally occurring while others are the direct result of inline breeding to generate desired outcomes. And there may be some hybridization with other species of the Amphilophus genus. Overall this species is a classic cichlid typically found in local pet stores and now with online merchants who offer very particular color forms.

Red devil cichlids are large aggressive cichlids and they require large tanks. There are different strategies used to keep them fish which including a solitary pets, breeding tanks and community tank setups. Essentially a solitary pet is just keeping a male or female as a pet or show fish alone in an aquarium. Some hobbyists maintain A.labiatus in pairs in an isolated breeding tank utilizing a divider. The last approach would be a community tank which is tricky. Something in the order of 125 gallons outfitted other large fish of equal temperament.

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