Burundi Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) CareSheet

Buy Burundi Frontosa Cichlid The most iconic Tanganyikan cichlid is the Burundi Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa). This communal cichlid is bigger than most other cichlids found in the vast rift lake, where it is found in abundance in the northern section. As it develops, the Burundi Frontosa has striking black and white striping on its fins, with some blue colouring. In the lake, it loves extremely gloomy, deep, calm waters, and it prefers the similar circumstances in the aquarium. Because of the huge nuchal hump that mature males grow, this fish is also known as the Humphead Cichlid. Check out other Frontosa species such as Black Widow Frontosa and Cyphotilapia gibberosa.

In an aquarium with stacks of rocks that resemble caves, the Burundi Frontosa Cichlid will flourish. The optimum substrate for this species is sand. It is advisable to keep it in groups since it is a sociable species. Individuals of this species, unlike many Tanganyikan cichlids, do not create separate territories per se, but there is a clear hierarchy within each group, necessitating the provision of shelter for subdominant fish (particularly males) to flee from alpha males. During spawning, territoriality is usually at its height. The Burundi Frontosa Cichlid should not be housed with dwarf shrimp or other tiny, sensitive invertebrates. In a large enough tank, other Tanganyikan cichlids that are too big to be considered prey may make ideal tankmates. If spawning is desired, other species should be kept to a minimum or avoided entirely unless the aquarium is large enough with enough of cover and aquascaping.

The Burundi Frontosa Cichlid is a fuss-free feeder. Freeze dried plankton, frozen, and live meaty items of high quality will all be welcomed. This species should not be fed dry items entirely since quality and diversity are the keys to a diet that will guarantee that it maintains maximum health and color. It is largely a carnivore, although it needs some vegi flake food materials in its diet as well.

Requirements for keeping Cyphotilapia frontosa

Temperature: 73.5° - 81° F
pH: 8.0 - 9.0
KH: 9 - 25 dKH
Minimum tank size: 180 gallons for a group of adults
Origin: Indigenous to Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Average adult size: 8 - 10 inches, although some adults reach over 12 inches

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