San Francisco Bay Brand Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton

Buy Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton Unleash a blizzard of nutrition into your aquarium with San Francisco Bay Brand Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton. Harvested from pure ocean waters and instantly freeze dried to lock in nutritional integrity, this powdered plankton provides a concentrated boost of marine proteins and lipids to energize cichlid fish and corals.

Derived from only the highest food chain species like copepods and krill, Sally's Plankton delivers a bounty of essential fatty acids including DHA and EPA to promote radiant coloration, fin development, and overall health. Pigments like astaxanthin and carotenoids enhance the vivid reds and oranges fish naturally display.

A scoop of Sally's provides a nutritious supplement to prepared foods, allowing aquarists to replicate the diverse diets wild fish thrive on. It forms the perfect nutritional foundation of frozen foods and DIY gelatin treats too. Powdered for instant dispersion, plankton particles are eagerly consumed by all tank inhabitants before they can settle.

Give your aquarium a nutritional windfall with the concentrated benefits of Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton. Trusted by hobbyists for over a decade, it takes fish nutrition to new depths. Get ready to see unrivaled health and optical brilliance with this plankton secret weapon.

San Francisco Bay Brand Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton provides an abundance of proteins and lipids, making these plankton an ideal food supplement for fish and invertebrates. Their heavy concentration of beta-carotene brings out the color of your fish. San Francisco Bay Brand Sally's Freeze Dried Plankton provide the essential nutrients to maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish.

All Natural
Highly nutritious
Excellent for finicky feeders
Great for freshwater and saltwater fish
Excellent main diet, supplement or treat
Stimulates good growth and enhances the color of your fish
Ingredients: Plankton

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min 64.41%
Crude Fat Min 7.88%
Crude Fiber Max 2.22%
Moisture Max 1.44%

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