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Mesoheros festae Cichlid: A Fiery Beauty with a Temper

The Mesoheros festae Cichlid, commonly known as the Red Terror Cichlid, is a striking and vibrant fish species that has captivated the hearts of many aquarium enthusiasts. Renowned for its stunning appearance and robust personality, this species hails from the waters of South America, specifically Ecuador and Peru. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the unique characteristics, care requirements, and the fiery temperament that make the Mesoheros festae Cichlid a remarkable but challenging addition to the world of cichlid keeping.

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Common Name and Scientific Classification

Common Name: The Mesoheros festae Cichlid is widely recognized as the Red Terror Cichlid due to its fiery coloration and bold demeanor.

Scientific Name: Mesoheros festae is the scientific name that categorizes this striking cichlid species.

Origin and Habitat

Origin: These captivating cichlids originate from South America, specifically the regions of Ecuador and Peru. They are often found in freshwater rivers and streams with moderate currents.

Size and Appearance

Size: Mesoheros festae Cichlids are known for their impressive size, with individuals capable of reaching lengths of up to 14 inches (35 cm). They exhibit sexual dimorphism, with males often growing larger and displaying more intense coloration.

Appearance: The Red Terror Cichlid lives up to its name with vibrant colors. Their body is typically adorned with a mix of red, orange, and black markings. They also have sharp features, including spiky dorsal and anal fins, adding to their fierce appearance.

Care Level and Temperament

Care Level: Caring for Mesoheros festae Cichlids falls into the category of moderate to advanced. Due to their aggressive nature and specific tank requirements, they are better suited for experienced aquarists.

Temperament: Red Terror Cichlids are notorious for their aggressive and territorial behavior. They are highly protective of their territory, especially during breeding. Tankmates should be chosen carefully to avoid conflicts.

Diet and Feeding

Diet: These cichlids are carnivorous by nature. Their diet primarily consists of live or frozen foods such as small fish, shrimp, and insects. High-quality cichlid pellets can also be included in their diet.

Tank Size and Water Parameters

Minimum Tank Size: Providing ample space is crucial. A tank with a minimum capacity of 75 gallons is recommended to accommodate their size and territorial tendencies.

Temperature: Maintaining a temperature range of 75°F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C) replicates their natural habitat conditions.

pH Range: Red Terror Cichlids prefer slightly acidic to neutral water conditions, with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0.

Challenges and Rewards

Keeping Mesoheros festae Cichlids can be a rewarding but challenging endeavor. Their breathtaking appearance and captivating behavior make them a sought-after addition to advanced hobbyists' aquariums. However, their territorial nature and aggression require careful planning when it comes to tankmates and habitat setup. With the right care and attention to detail, these fiery beauties can thrive and become the centerpiece of an impressive aquarium setup.

What can I expect to pay for juvenile red terror fish (Mesoheros festae)?

The current going rate ranges approximately from $15 to $19 US dollars for between a size from 1" and 1.5" per cichlid plus shipping charges.

Adult red terror cichlid fish approximately ranges from $15 to $85 US dollars excluding shipping.

Beautiful exotic colorful South American fish. Among the most colorful and vibrant South American Cichlids, the True Red Terror, Vieja or Festae Cichlid is a large growing and extremely territorial fish. Found in the coastal drainages of Ecuador and Northern Peru, they are known to inhabit clear or whitewater rivers and streams, usually over rocky substrate.

Young Pair Of Ex-Cichlasoma Festae (Red Terror)

Recommended dry foods for Red terror cichlids

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