NorthFin Cichlid Formula

Buy NorthFin Cichlid Reveal the dazzling colors and regal splendor of your prized cichlids with NorthFin Cichlid Food. Expertly formulated with African and South American cichlid nutrition in mind, this premium pellet provides complete and balanced daily nutrition to bring out their vibrant best.

Packed with over 40% protein from high-quality fish meals, NorthFin Cichlid Food fuels growth and electrifying color. Astaxanthin and beta carotene enhance red and orange hues while spirulina and algae support metallic blues and greens. A unique blend of vitamins fortifies their immune systems.

Each extruded floating pellet is designed to optimize digestion and reduce waste. Your cichlids will eagerly devour every morsel of this tantalizing recipe made just for them. We ensure the highest edible portion with minimal filler.

Give your prized cichlid collection the specialized diet they deserve. Sustain their health and radiant good looks with NorthFin Cichlid Food. Ultra nutritious, highly palatable, and perfect for daily feeding-what more could your cichlids ask for?

Made in Canada under strict quality control for guaranteed excellence. Ideal for all cichlid varieties including angelfish, oscars, discus, convicts, rams and more. Nourish their brilliance from fry to adult with NorthFin Cichlid Food.

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