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Buy Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Formula Online Since the dawn of time, insects have been hunted by fish in the wild because of their widely available, nutrient-rich food sources. Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Formula for Medium to Large Fish 3.5oz is specifically formulated to address the natural, insect-based feeding habits of fish, with added vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients important to their health and vitality. Employing a unique and sustainable process, the larvae are raised on human-grade fruits and vegetable to provide several 'super food' benefits versus any ordinary insect.

-Rich in Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin, scales, fins & colors
-Added essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids & other trace nutrients that are vital to the health of your fish, while avoiding -artificial colors & preservatives
-Our ingredients are prepared in small batches within our own facility for complete control & quality assurance
-The proximity of our ingredients also allows us to maximize freshness & select items at their peak nutritional value
-Contains up to 40%, nutrient-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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