Parrot Cichlids for Sale

Parrot Cichlids Parrot Cichlids for Sale, most Blood Parrot Cichlids can be located at most local fish stores or LFS but looking online might offer more selections. While supporting local business is good the internet has opened up hundreds of opportunities to locate fine cichlids across the web. Most online fish stores and cichlid hobbyists/breeders offer overnight shipping and 2 day shipments. You will find Blood Red Parrots, King Kong Parrots, Yaun Bao King Kong Parrot Cichlids, Rose Queen Cichlids and more.

The Red Parrot, sometimes known as the Blood Red Parrot, is the product of crossbreeding between several Central American Cichlids. The body of this fish is spherical, and the snout is formed like a beak. When fully grown, the color of these fish ranges from orange to red. As a juvenile, they are black in hue, but as they get older, they become red.

A 50 gallon aquarium with a sandy bottom, rocks, and enough of hiding spots among the rocks is required for the Red Parrot. To protect the roots from these fish, live plants should be put in containers. With other fish of comparable size, the Red Parrot is normally calm, although it may be frightened or bullied by other Cichlids.

In the aquarium, the Red Parrot is typically sterile and will not breed. They may lay eggs in caves, but the males are often sterile, thus the eggs do not mature.

Most prepared and frozen meals, including freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and ocean plankton, as well as flake food and Cichlid pellets, are eaten by the Red Parrot.

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