Jaguar cichlid fish colors and color change for Parachromis managuensis species

Jaguar male female colors

Jaguar Cichlids and Their Color Morphs

The jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) is a large, aggressive fish native to Central America. This popular aquarium species is known for its striking color pattern that resembles a jaguar, featuring black dots and reticular barring on a greenish-gold background. While most display the classic jaguar patterning, selective breeding has produced some interesting color morphs.

The gold jaguar morph lacks the dark mottling and instead shows an intense yellow-orange coloration. The spotted jaguar morph retains the jaguar patterning but has larger, more pronounced spots. Albino jaguar cichlids feature a pale pinkish-white body with ruby eyes due to lack of pigment. While visually appealing, the albinos are less vigorous than the normally-pigmented varieties.

In addition to these color morphs, jaguar cichlids exhibit a range of natural patterning based on locality. Some display more intense green or gold background colors, while others have denser spotting. Most color variants available in the aquarium trade arose from selective captive breeding programs isolating unique phenotypes. By selectively breeding specimens exhibiting desired traits over multiple generations, aquarists have produced a number of striking jaguar cichlid color morphs.Like most cichlids, Jaguar cichlid fish colors change color as they mature, with young being a drab silver color. At maturity, the dull silver changes to dark black on the males but are somewhat lighter on females. The lower lip has two to four small incisor teeth. But besides the classic colored managuensis cichlid in the hobby there is a new color form of managuensis cichlid known as the Gold Jaguar Cichlid.

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Jaguar cichlid male vs female

Jaguar Cichlid Pair

Male Jaguar cichlid

Male Jaguar Cichlid

Female jaguar cichlid

Female Jaguar Cichlid

Jaguar Cichlid Golden Variety Pair

Female Jaguar Cichlid


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Jaguar cichlid fish colors and color change for Parachromis managuensis species