Honduran Red Point for Sale Amatitlania siquia a species of cichlid native to Central America

Honduran Red Point for Sale The Honduran Red Point is a fish that is surrounded by misconceptions and misunderstandings. This Central American Cichlid is really a joy to keep, is mostly peaceful and a great addition to many tanks. Yes, there are similarities in appearance to the notoriously nasty Convict Cichlid, but that is really where the similarities end. Behavior, colors, breeding, and even a few physical characteristics set the Red Point apart from the Convict.

The Red Point has mostly powdered blue body with some red on the belly and red tips on the dorsal and anal fins. It has been observed by many that the mouth of the Red Point is rounder than that of the Convict Cichlid.

Personality in the aquarium is what really sets the Honduran Red Point apart. It is a peaceful fish and we have kept a breeding pair in our planted tank with all kinds of small rasboras and tetras. We never experienced aggression with the fish, even during breeding. They did guard and chase other fish from their nest, but they never caused harm.

We have heard of and seen aggressive "Red Points." This is where some speculation must come in. The Red Point will cross with Convicts, and we have seen several cases of hobbyists bringing "Red Points" into a store for trade, only to find out one of the parents was indeed a Convict. The fry from these crosses do make a blue (although a bit more iridescent and darker blue) fish and they do show the aggression of Convicts. In all cases that we have seen of aggressive Red Points it appears that a cross with a Convict was involved.

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What is the Honduran Red Point?

The Honduran Red Point is a variety of the freshwater Red Point cichlid native to Central America. It gets its name from the bright red spots on its silvery blue body. It is a popular aquarium fish thanks to its beautiful coloring and peaceful temperament.

What is the natural habitat of the Honduran Red Point?

In the wild, the Honduran Red Point comes from inland rivers and streams on the Caribbean coast of Honduras and Nicaragua. It lives among rocks and plant roots in shady pockets of slow-moving waters.

What do Honduran Red Points eat?

The Honduran Red Point is an omnivore that feeds on small worms, insects, crustaceans, and plant matter in its natural habitat. In home aquariums they readily accept flake and pellet foods as well as blanched vegetables.

How big do Honduran Red Points grow?

In the wild, they reach about 6 inches (15 cm) in length. In captivity, they typically max out around 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) when provided with good care and proper tank conditions.

Are Honduran Red Points easy to care for?

Yes, the Honduran Red Point is quite hardy and makes a good choice for beginner freshwater aquarists. They adapt well to a range of water conditions and are not demanding in terms of diet. A 30 gallon tank is sufficient.

Do they get along with other fish?

Honduran Red Points are peaceful community fish suitable for community aquariums. They can be kept with other similarly-sized tetras, barbs, gouramis, and livebearers. Avoid housing them with aggressive species.