SERA Flowerhorn cichlid food for Lohan fish

Buy SERA Flowerhorn Make every bloom a showstopper with Sera Flowerhorn Fish Food. Specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of prized flowerhorn cichlids, this premium diet brings out dazzling colors and optimal growth.

We supercharged each extruded pellet with Astaxanthin and beta carotene to intensify reds and yellows on your flowerhorn's flanks. Select protein sources supply amino acids for proper muscle development while omega fatty acids nourish vivid finnage.

Fortified with vitamins C, E, and B complex, Sera Flowerhorn Food supports a robust immune system to help your fish resist disease. Custom binding agents reduce waste for better absorption of nutrients. Your flowerhorn will devour every morsel!

Give your prized flowerhorn a specialized diet tailored to their needs. Sera Flowerhorn Food delivers vivid color enhancement, healthy growth, and nutritional integrity. The ingredients are top notch and so are the results!

Made in Germany under strict quality standards for guaranteed excellence. Aquarium technology perfected. Let Sera Flowerhorn Food unlock your flowerhorn's dazzling potential.

SERA Flowerhorn fish food basic color granules bits float on water

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The Color Food for a Deep Natural Red

The pellet feed processing technology of material is excellent, gentle and meticulous, can meet the special needs of Lohan, it can enhance the immunity offish fish, to grow up healthy, full of vigor and vitality. High content of natural astaxanthin which helps fast and continuously make fish color becomes rich and bright. According to the flower Pseudorasbora parva very influential staple food.


SERA Flowerhorn cichlid food for Lohan fish
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