Kirin Parrot - The Colorful Hybrid Cichlid

Buy Kirin Parrot Cichlid online The Kirin Parrot is a man-made hybrid cichlid that first appeared in Asia in the 1980s. Created by crossing the pink parrot cichlid with other South American cichlids, the Kirin exhibits vibrant colors and an unusual body shape.

True to its name, the Kirin Parrot has a bright orange-yellow base body color. Iridescent blue, green, and pink hues shine and shimmer across the body scales when viewed under light. The fins are boldly highlighted in red and black. Its beak-like mouth remains permanently closed.

A notable feature of the Kirin Parrot is its foreshortened body shape. It lacks a defined caudal peduncle and tail fin, giving it a unique compressed oval form unlike natural fish. However, most Kirin Parrots adapt well to aquarium life despite their altered anatomy.

In home aquariums, Kirin Parrots may reach up to 6 inches long and live for 5-10 years with proper care. They are peaceful, hardy fish that get along well with other passive tank mates in a spacious tank. While unable to reproduce naturally, they still exhibit fascinating behaviors.

With their radiant coloration, bubbly antics, and unique body form, Kirin Parrots make an unconventional addition to the freshwater aquarium. Though controversial, Kirin Parrots captivate aquarists looking for a colorful wet pet with loads of personality.

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