Red Parrot Cichlids 3.5 inches for Sale

Red Parrot Cichlid

Red Parrot Cichlid - The Iconic Hybrid

The red parrot cichlid is arguably the most recognizable and popular hybrid cichlid in the aquarium hobby. First appearing in Taiwan in the 1980s, it is thought to have been created by crossing the blood parrot with South American cichlids like the redhead cichlid and severum.

Photo credit: thoroughbred_fan

True to their name, red parrots display an overall bright red or orange-red body color. Some specimens exhibit a white horizontal stripe along the midline. Their most distinguishing feature is the parrot-like beak mouth that remains permanently closed. This deformity limits feeding and is a controversial aspect of their selective breeding.

In addition to the foreshortened mouth, red parrots have an oval, slightly compressed body shape lacking a defined caudal peduncle and tail fin. Their eyes are also enlarged. Despite these physical anomalies, most adapt well to aquarium life.

Red parrots grow to 8 inches in captivity and have lifespans of 10 years or longer with proper care. They are generally peaceful and well-suited for community tanks when provided with sufficient space. While unable to breed naturally, their behaviors and expressions captivate aquarists.

The iconic imagery and bright colors of the red parrot cichlid have made them immensely popular over the decades, despite their controversial origins. Their clownish appearance and playful personality add levity to the freshwater aquarium.

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