Blood Red Jewel Cichlid (Hemichromis lifalili) CareSheet

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The Blood Red Jewel Cichlid (Hemichromis lifalili), also known as the African Fire Cichlid, is one of the most colorful cichlids of its genus. Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is a riverine African species that enjoys water conditions similar to New World (South and Central American) species. It is remarkably peaceful (outside of breeding time) and can possibly even be kept in a sort of community setting in an aquarium of adequate space. Compare with Hemichromis exsul species.

The Blood Red Jewel Cichlid will thrive in an aquarium with plenty of refuge such as clay pots, driftwood, and rock formations. It typically will not eat ornamental plants, but it may do a fair amount of digging, so plants that attach to driftwood and rockwork are recommended. As mentioned before, this cichlid is generally peaceful compared to many of its relatives, so it is often compatible with other peaceful and semi-aggressive fish too large to be considered prey, such as Kribensis cichlids and larger African Tetras. Territoriality is typically at its peak during spawning. Dwarf shrimp and other small, delicate invertebrates should not be kept with the Blood Red Jewel Cichlid. If spawning is desired, tankmates of other species should be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether unless the aquarium is of considerable size with ample cover and decor.

Feeding is simple for the unfussy Blood Red Jewel Cichlid. High-quality dry, frozen, and live meaty foods will all be readily accepted. Some vegetable matter is also required and can be achieved with the feeding of spirulina-rich foods or blanched fresh vegetables such as spinach. Quality and variety are the keys to a diet that will ensure that this fish maintains optimal health and coloration, so this species should not be fed dry foods exclusively.

Requirements for keeping Hemichromis lifalili

Temperature: 73° - 79° F
pH: 6.0 - 7.0
KH: 0 - 10 KH
Minimum tank size: 29+ gallons for a pair
Origin: Indigenous to Democratic Republic of Congo
Average adult size: 4 inches

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What is Hemichromis lifalili?

Hemichromis lifalili, also known as the red jewel cichlid, is a colorful freshwater fish native to rivers and streams in West Africa. It gets its name from the bright red spots and markings on its body.

Where is Hemichromis lifalili found?

The natural range of Hemichromis lifalili is limited to coastal river basins in western Cameroon and southeastern Nigeria in Africa. It has a relatively small geographic distribution.

What do Hemichromis lifalili eat?

Hemichromis lifalili are omnivorous and will feed on a variety of plant matter, insects, worms, and crustaceans in the wild. In captivity they readily accept flake foods, pellets, and frozen foods like brine shrimp.

How big do Hemichromis lifalili grow?

In the wild, Hemichromis lifalili typically reaches about 6-7 cm (2.5-3 inches) in length. In ideal aquarium conditions, they may achieve a maximum size closer to 10 cm (4 inches).

What are their tank requirements?

Hemichromis lifalili do best in a densely planted tank of at least 70 liters (18 gallons). They prefer soft, acidic water with a pH of 6.0-7.0 and temperature of 23-26°C (73-79°F).

Do they have any special behaviors?

Male Hemichromis lifalili are highly territorial and engage in fascinating breeding behaviors. They create bubblenests for eggs and exhibit bi-parental brood care of eggs and fry.

Is Hemichromis lifalili endangered?

Hemichromis lifalili is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. However, habitat degradation poses some threats and its limited range makes it vulnerable. Conservation actions may be needed in the future.