HAI FENG Miracle Red Color Enhancing Food for Red Parrot Fish

HAI FENG Miracle Red The Secret to Vibrant Reds in Your Fish is Here! Wish your fish displayed luscious cherry reds and deep crimson hues? Our revolutionary Hai Feng Miracle Red formula unlocks reds beyond anything you've seen before.

Using our proprietary RedAmpli-PlusTM blend, Hai Feng Miracle Red intensifies red coloration by utilizing the highest quality natural ingredients including astaxanthin and unique antioxidants.

Just feed Hai Feng Miracle Red 2-3 times per week and watch dull colors transform into the richest, most vibrant red tones within 4-6 weeks. We guarantee eye-popping results or 100% money back!

Made sustainably in our world-class facility, Hai Feng Miracle Red helps red tetras, discus, shrimp, goldfish, koi and other fish exhibit their peak genetic color potential. It utilizes only premium ingredients and no harmful fillers.

Whether you're preparing show fish or just want to marvel guests, Hai Feng Miracle Red is the proven way to unlock the most brilliant, intense red colors safely. For dramatic color transformation, get Hai Feng Miracle Red today! Get Vibrant, Eye-Popping Colors in Your Fish - Fast!

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Miracle Red small and micro pellets

-The product specifically targets on medium-sized to large-sized omnivorous fishes or Cichlid. Size of feed comes in medium or small grains giving easy intake for the fishes. It is also suitable for other fancy tropical fishes.

-No chemicals such as artificial pigments or growth hormones added, allowing fishes to grow as natural as possible.

-Added krill powder, spirulina and special natural color enhancing substances to provide necessary nutrition for fish growth and to develop their natural color. Different types of microelements, minerals are present any physical malfunctions due to nutritional imbalance.

-Contain antioxidant substances.

Containing polysaccharid immune substances to strengthen immune system hence assuring good health for the fishes. There are also unsaturated fatty acid 0mega3, 7, 9 to facilitate metabolism and enhancing assimilation. High level of fish protein and special digestion enzyme for better assimilation, digestion and growth of the fish. It also maintains body shape and reducing water pollution possibilities.

YH-MR01 Miracle Red micro pellet 57g
YH-MR02 Miracle Red small pellet 150g
YH-MRO3 Miracle Red mini pellet 240g
YH-MRO4 Miracle Red mini pellet 900g


High quality fish meal, Soybean meal, Yeast powder, Wheat flour, Color enhancer, Attractant, Fish oil, Soy lecithin, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotic, Krill meal.


HAI FENG Miracle Red mini pellet with krill powder
HAI FENG Fast Color Enhancing Food for Red Parrot Fish
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