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Ingot Parrot Fish - The Shimmering Hybrid Cichlid

The Ingot parrot fish is a unique man-made hybrid cichlid that first appeared in Indonesia in the late 1990s. It was created by crossing F1 hybrid parrot cichlids with other South American cichlid species. The result is a fish with brilliant colors and an unusual body shape.

As their name suggests, Ingot parrots exhibit a striking, shimmery silver-gray base body color reminiscent of an ingot of precious metal. Iridescent blue, pink, and gold highlights shine and dance under aquarium lighting. Darker gray bars run vertically along the body. The fins are accentuated with metallic green and orange hues.

A notable feature of Ingot parrots is their foreshortened, oval-shaped body lacking a defined caudal peduncle. Their beak-like mouth remains permanently closed. This gives them an almost comical appearance compared to natural fish.

Despite their physical deformities, most Ingot parrots adapt well to aquarium life when provided with clean water, a varied diet, and proper tank mates. They are peaceful but require at least a 55 gallon tank. With a lifespan of 5-10 years, Ingot parrots make long-term wet pets.

While controversial, Ingot parrot cichlids captivate aquarists with their radiant metallic sheen and quirky characteristics. Their shimmering ingot-like shine is matched by an engaging personality. Though man-made, the Ingot parrot has secured a place in the hearts of fishkeeping hobbyists.

What can I expect to pay for young adult red ingot parrot fish?

The current going rate ranges approximately from $96 to $130 US dollars for between a size from 5" and 6" per cichlid plus shipping charges.

Beautiful exotic colorful hybrid cichlid fish. Among the most colorful and vibrant parrot cichlid variant, the red ingot fish are available in a tiger pattern. Check out the Yellow Ingot tiger variety here.

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