OKIKO QUICK RED HEAD MARK Astaxanthin Plus cichlid food for Midas and Parrot Cichlids



Discover OKIKO QUICK RED: Unleash the Radiance in Your Flowerhorn.

Are you ready to witness the true splendor of your Flowerhorn's colors? Look no further than OKIKO QUICK RED - the ultimate secret to unlocking the dazzling vibrance in your aquatic companion.

Stunning Color Enhancement: Prepare to be amazed as OKIKO QUICK RED brings out the intense reds, fiery oranges, and brilliant yellows in your Flowerhorn. Watch your aquatic jewel transform into a living masterpiece!

Premium Nutrition: Nurture your Flowerhorn's well-being with a premium blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. OKIKO QUICK RED supports vigorous growth and sustained vitality for your beloved pet.

Iconic Head Shape: Maintain the distinct head shape and nuchal hump that sets your Flowerhorn apart. OKIKO QUICK RED ensures your aquatic gem remains the center of attention in your aquarium.

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Premium Quality: Crafted from the finest ingredients, OKIKO QUICK RED delivers a gourmet dining experience that your Flowerhorn will adore.

Optimal Digestibility: Say goodbye to uneaten food and water pollution. Our pellets are designed for easy digestion, ensuring a clean and clear aquarium.

Trusted by Experts: OKIKO is the preferred choice of professional aquarists and dedicated hobbyists worldwide, setting the gold standard in Flowerhorn nutrition.

Versatile Feeding: Ideal for Flowerhorns of all sizes, ages, and varieties. Whether you're raising show-quality specimens or cherished pets, OKIKO QUICK RED is your key to success.

Balanced Nutrition: Our scientifically formulated blend guarantees your Flowerhorn enjoys a balanced diet that promotes overall health and vitality.

Elevate Your Flowerhorn's Feeding Experience:
Upgrade your Flowerhorn's diet to OKIKO QUICK RED and witness the miraculous transformation of your aquatic gem into a living masterpiece.

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OKIKO QUICK RED: Where Brilliance Meets Aquatic Excellence.

Super 3 in 1 formula

Select high quality fishmeal provides essential proteins for healthy growth of the fish.

Concentrated shrimp extracts highly attract the fish to feed.

Rich in vitamins and minerals sustains completed development and growth of the fish.

Formulated with active yeast powder, helps probiotic growth and enhances immunity.

Guaranteed analysis: protein min 42%, fats min 5%, fiber min 3%, ash min 12%. Net Weight: 100 grams.