What bait should you use to catch midas cichlids

It has been proven that you can catch midas cichlids using ordinary white bread. In fact some people prefer using Wonder Bread because it works and its cheap. Due to hobbyists releasing their pet midas cichlids into the canals and lakes of Miami-Dade county, there is a significant popluation of these Central American cichlids. This has caused interest in catching these cichlids because they are highly colorful and can weigh give or take over one pound in weight. Midas cichlids are native to Central America including Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It's worth noting that using bread as bait might not be as effective as using more natural or protein-rich baits. Midas cichlids are primarily carnivorous and might not be as attracted to bread compared to live prey, cut bait, or other types of bait that resemble their natural diet. Experimentation and local knowledge can be valuable when determining the most effective bait to use for catching midas cichlids in a specific area. Check out the video below.

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