Yaun Bao King Kong Parrot Cichlid

Buy Yaun Bao King Kong Parrot CichlidThe Yaun Bao King Kong Parrot is a unique hybrid cichlid that originated in Taiwan in the late 1990s. Created by crossing F1 hybrid parrot cichlids with South American cichlids, the result is a fish with a massive head and humped nuchal region reminiscent of the gorilla "King Kong".

True to their name, Yaun Bao King Kongs have an extremely large head and mouth compared to their body size. A sizable fatty hump grows on their forehead. Base body coloration includes bright yellow, orange, red, or white. Some dark spotting may occur. The eyes are also enlarged.

A notable feature is their foreshortened, oval-shaped body that lacks a defined caudal peduncle and tail fin. The mouth remains fixed open in a parrot-like fashion. Despite significant anatomical deformities, most adapt reasonably well to aquarium life.

Providing pristine water quality is imperative for their health. Yaun Bao King Kongs are peaceful but require at least a 75 gallon aquarium. With a lifespan of 5-10 years and engaging behaviors, they make unique wet pets for experienced aquarists. Though controversial, their "king kong" appearance has made them popular.

The Yuan Bao Parrot Cichlid Fish is typically known as the Yuan Bao Red Parrot or Yuan Bao Blood Red Parrot Cichlid. Blood Parrot Cichlids are prevalent in the aquarium hobby for years but new forms and colors have emerged. The Yuan Bao variant of the Blood Parrot resembles ancient odd-shaped Chinese gold or silver that was the equivalent of currency, which its name comes from.

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