Taiyo Pro Rich Red Parrot Fish Food

Midas display at Chicago's John Shedd Aquarium


TAIYO Pro-Rich Red Parrot color enhancing food is specially designed to bring out the natural coloration of red parrot. This formula contains optimum level of b-carotene and carotenoids that effectively enhance the red color of red parrot and other tropical fish. The feed also includes natural vitamin C & E for a better immune system. This efficient formula also maximizes digestibility, producing fine waste and less pollution of aquarium water.

TAIYO has been a trusted name in the aquarium industry for decades. Our Pro-Rich Fish Food is trusted by hobbyists and professionals alike, known for delivering outstanding results. Serving your fish a delectable and nutritious meal has never been simpler. TAIYO Pro-Rich Fish Food is designed for hassle-free feeding, ensuring your fish receive the care they deserve with ease. Our specialized formula contains natural color enhancers that bring out the vibrant and vivid hues of your fish. Watch as their colors pop and shine, transforming your aquarium into a living masterpiece.


80 gram (g) / 2.8 ounce (oz)
350 gram (g) / 12.3 ounce (oz)
1250 gram (g) / 44.0 ounce (oz)


Diameter: 3 mm
Floating Type


Fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ, Ca-caseinate, spirulina, brewers yeast, fish oil, sillow bark. sea algae, alfalfa, carrots, garlic, beta glucans, astaxanthin


Feed 2 to 3 times daily with the amount that fish can consume within 5 minutes. Remove the excess feed if the fish cannot finish within 1 hour.


Protein: 35% (min)
Fat: 3.5% (min)
Fiber: 5% (max)
Ash: 12% (max)
Moisture: 10% (max)
Calcium: 0.6-3.5%
Phosphorus: 0.5% (min)