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Rose Queen Cichlid - The Blushing Hybrid

The Rose Queen cichlid is a unique man-made hybrid that first appeared in Indonesia in the early 2000s. It is thought to have been created by crossing the Blood parrot cichlid with pink convict cichlids and other pink-hued cichlids.

As their regal name denotes, Rose Queens display a bright pinkish-orange coloration across the head, body, and fins. Some individuals may show white spotting or reticulated patterns overlaying the pink. Their eyes glow a distinct red hue.

A notable feature of the Rose Queen is its foreshortened, oval-shaped body lacking a defined caudal peduncle. Their mouth remains in a fixed puckered position. This gives them a blob-like shape compared to natural fish.

Despite their physical deformities, most Rose Queen cichlids adapt reasonably well to home aquariums. However, their sensitive physiology makes clean water and proper nutrition a must. With good care, they can live 5-10 years.

While controversial in origin, Rose Queen cichlids captivate aquarists with their blushing pink colors and cheerful personality. They thrive in spacious community tanks with peaceful tank mates and plenty of swimming room. Though unable to breed, their beauty and charm are unmatched.

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