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Red Mammon KKP For Sale Online

Red Mammon Cichlid - The Dazzling Hybrid

The Red Mammon cichlid is an eye-catching man-made hybrid thought to have originated in Indonesia in the early 2000s. It was likely created by crossing the Blood parrot cichlid with other cichlid species like the Redhead tapajos and Red devil. The result is a bright crimson fish with an unusual body shape.

As their name denotes, Red Mammons display a brilliant solid red coloration covering the head, body, and fins. Some individuals exhibit yellowish-orange highlights, especially along the throat and gill plates. Their eyes glow a distinct fiery red.

A notable feature of the Red Mammon is its foreshortened, oval-shaped body lacking a defined caudal peduncle and tail fin. Their mouth remains permanently fixed in a pucker. This gives them a blob-like appearance compared to natural fish.

Despite their deformities, Red Mammons adapt reasonably well to home aquariums. However, their sensitive physiology makes water quality and nutrition particularly important. With proper care, they can live 5-10 years.

While controversial, the intense blood-red hues and bubbly personality of the Red Mammon cichlid make them popular oddball fish. Though unable to breed, they thrive in peaceful community tanks of at least 55 gallons. These hybrids will surely turn heads with their radiant red colors!

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