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Polar parrot cichlid available The Polar Blue Parrot is a man-made hybrid cichlid that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It was created by crossing the Pink Parrot cichlid with other South American cichlids, likely the Jack Dempsey and Convict cichlid. The result is a unique fish with a distinctive blue body and head shape.

True to their name, Polar Blue Parrots display a bright icy blue or blue-gray base body color. Some specimens may show white banding or spots scattered over the body and fins, which can have orange or yellow highlights. Their beak-like mouth remains permanently closed.

A notable feature of the Polar Blue Parrot is its foreshortened, oval-shaped body that lacks a defined caudal peduncle and tail fin. This gives them an almost swollen appearance reminiscent of their parrot cichlid parentage. Their eyes are also enlarged.

Despite their physical deformities, most Polar Blue Parrots adapt well to aquarium life. However, their sensitive physiology makes water quality and nutrition particularly important. With good care, they can live 5 years or more.

While controversial, Polar Blue Parrot cichlids remain popular for their unique colors and personality. They're ideally housed with medium-sized peaceful tankmates in at least a 55 gallon tank. Their activities and behaviors will keep any aquarist entertained for hours!

These Polar Blue Parrot Cichlids are known to be hybrids of Parrot Cichlids and Convict Cichlids or some combination there of. It is assumed the original hybrids originated from Taiwan. However these new cichlid fish are in aquariums all over the world. These Central American cichlids remain around 3 inches in length. Normal convict cichlids have been known to grow larger especially males, hybrids tend to get stunted some what and thus remain smaller.

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