South American Pike Cichlids for Sale Near Me

South American Pike Cichlids for Sale Near Me

Pike Cichlids - The Predatory Crenicichla

Pike cichlids belong to the genus Crenicichla and are a group of large, aggressive fish native to South America. They are named for their elongated, torpedo-shaped bodies reminiscent of a pike fish. With their predatory nature, striking looks, and interesting behaviors, pike cichlids make compelling additions for advanced aquarists.

The majority of Crenicichla species hail from the Amazon and Orinoco River basins where they prowl vegetated backwaters and tributaries. Several smaller species occupy rivers in Uruguay and southeastern Brazil. Pike cichlids are solitary ambush predators that use camouflage and stealth to hunt smaller fish.

In terms of appearance, most display an olive, gray, or green base color with spots, dots, reticulated patterns, or ocelli markings. Several exhibit bright red or orange fins and eyes. Males are noticeably larger than females. Maximum sizes range from 4 to 16 inches depending on the exact species.

Providing live foods and appropriately sized tankmates is key to keeping pike cichlids. Their aggressive predatory nature demands ample space in at least a 75 gallon aquarium. Driftwood, leaf litter, and dim lighting help recreate their natural ambush hunting behaviors in captivity.

The Pike Cichlids such as Crenicichla lepidota are a handsome torpedo shaped cichlid. It looks great and adds a nice touch of variety to a community tank. Though they aren't a very large pike cichlid and only reach about 7" (18 cm), these fish are aggressive and voracious predators. Crenicichla is a genus of cichlids native to South America commonly known as the pike cichlids such as Crenicichla lepidota. They are found in most tropical and subtropical freshwater habitats between the Andes and the Atlantic. One of the most striking of all the Pike Cichlids, the Lenticulata or Spotted Pike is a large growing species found in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Like many large Pike Cichlids, they are territorial and can be extremely aggressive towards tank mates so any other fish in the aquarium should be chosen with care. The Red Spotted Lenticulata is a rare regional variant which exhibits intense coloration including red (as opposed to black) spots along the face and extensive spotting and marbling along the lateral line.

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