Buntarsche Bulletin Back Issues For Sale published by the ACA or American Cichlid Association

Guy Jordan and Pablo the Dovi in BB 100 First published in 1966, the Buntbarsche Bulletin served for over three illuminating decades as the official magazine and leading publication of the nonprofit American Cichlid Association. This pioneering organization was dedicated to advancing the study, breeding, conservation, and appreciation of cichlids across both their natural habitats and captivity. Edited by renowned ichthyologist Ad Konings, the Buntbarsche Bulletin aimed to share comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge discoveries related to all things cichlid.

Each quarterly issue featured authoritative articles written by the world's leading biologists, aquarists, and ichthyologists on topics spanning cichlid biology, behavior, evolution, physiology, habitats, conservation, distribution, maintenance, and breeding. Page after page of insightful writing was accompanied by vibrant full-color photographs from the field documenting cichlids in their natural environments. This exceptional fusion of science, husbandry, and imagery allowed readers to deepen their knowledge and fascination with these remarkably diverse fish.

At its peak popularity, the Buntbarsche Bulletin had over 1,000 subscriptions globally from cichlid enthusiasts eager for this reliable wealth of information. Though the final issue was published in 2003 after a 37 year run, back issues of this magazine are still treasured references for both hobbyists and researchers today. The American Cichlid Association itself lives on as an active community, still uniting aquarists from around the world through a shared passion for cichlids of the Americas.

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