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Tuxedo Cichlid The vibrant Bartoni cichlid showcases the remarkable diversity of Mexico's endemic cichlids. Named in honor of pioneering American aquarist Alisdair Bartin, this freshwater fish inhabits turbid rivers and lakes in the state of Chiapas. As members of the Convict cichlid genus Herichthys, bartonis display the toughness that has made their cousins popular aquarium fish. Yet with their distinct coloration and territorial behaviors, bartonis offer their own unique flair.

Mature males sport a prominent forehead hump while females exhibit rosy bellies during spawning. Though bold and sometimes aggressive, these cichlids form devoted pair bonds. When provided with ample space and water conditions mimicking their native habitat, the bartoni cichlid brings a blushing beauty from Southern Mexico to home aquariums.

For Sale Bartoni cichlid fish approximately 1 and a quarter inches long. This is a wonderful fish from Mexico where it occurs in the basin of the Panuco River where it can be found in lagoons and rivers. Picture shows what they will look like when mature. Shipping is included in price. Live delivery guaranteed on fish, minus actual shipping cost. Picture must be provided within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. USA only.

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Nosferatu bartoni species profile


Nandopsis bartoni is also known by the synonyms Herichthys bartoni, Cichlasoma bartoni and Nosferatu bartoni.


The genus name Nandopsis combines "Nand" for the Nandua fish genus and "opsis" meaning appearance. The species name bartoni honors American aquarist Alisdair Bartin.


Nandopsis bartoni is classified in the cichlid family Cichlidae. It is placed in the Nandopsis genus of Central American cichlids.


Nandopsis bartoni is endemic to the island of Hispaniola. Its native range includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


These cichlids inhabit rivers, lakes, and swamps, preferring shallow, slow-moving, highly vegetated waters.

Maximum Standard Length

In the wild, Nandopsis bartoni reaches about 15 cm (6 inches) maximum standard length. In home aquariums, they are typically 10-12 cm (4-5 inches).

Aquarium Size

Nandopsis bartoni should be kept in at least a 60 liter tank with plenty of hiding spots and open swimming areas.


25% weekly water changes are recommended. The tank and décor should be cleaned as needed to remove organics and maintain water quality.

Water Conditions

They thrive in soft, acidic water. Ideal parameters are pH 6.0-7.5, 4-12 dGH, temperature 24-30°C (75-86°F).


Nandopsis bartoni will accept high quality flakes and pellets along with live, frozen and freeze-dried treats like brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Behaviour and Compatibility

Generally peaceful but can be territorial towards conspecifics. Suitable tankmates include other Central American cichlids of comparable size.

Sexual Dimorphism

Males exhibit more pointed dorsal, anal, and ventral fins while females display a pink-reddish belly when breeding.


Nandopsis bartoni form monogamous pairs. Parents guard the eggs and fry. Artificial propagation is not yet established.

Endangered List

IUCN Red List categorizes Nandopsis bartoni as Endangered due to substantial population declines from habitat loss.

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