AZOO RED PLUS PELLET Parrot cichlid food 100 grams

Buy AZOO RED PLUS PELLETS 100grams Specifically formulated to enhance the brilliant colors of blood parrots, flowerhorns, and other ornamental fish, Azoo Red-Plus Pellets deliver a nutritious diet that makes those vivid red, orange, and yellow hues really pop. These floating pellets contain Astaxanthin, carotenoids, and krill meal to provide natural color-boosting compounds. The formula aids blood parrots during the dramatic change from yellow to red as they mature. With 40% minimum crude protein from fish meals, the pellets fuel growth and strength. Added glucan helps improve fish immunity against pathogens. This floating pellet food allows easy, instinctual feeding at the water's surface for these showy fish. Packed with color-augmenting ingredients, antioxidants, immuno-stimulants, and quality proteins, Azoo Red-Plus Pellets provide an optimized daily diet to help ornamental fish thrive while looking their absolute best.

For Blood Parrot, Flower Horns and other ornamental fish Floating Type, Natural compound Astaxanthin color enhancement formula


AZOO RED-PLUS ENHANCEMENT PELLET contains rich Astacine, Carotenoids and Krill for great color enhancements, especially good for Blood Parrot during their body color change from yellow to red when in growth. With extra Glucan added that help fish’s immunity against pathogens. An essential daily
food for the blood parrots and other ornamental fish.


Fish Powder, Minerals, Vitamins, Spirulina, Fish Liver Powder, Squid Meal, Wheat Germ, Soy Protein, Glucan, Astacine, Carotenoids, Lecithin,
Krill Meal, Fish oil, Yeast powder, Corn Meal. GUARANTEE


Crude Protein 40% (Min.)
Crude Fat 8%(Min.)
Crude Fiber 7% (Max.)
Moisture 7% (Max. )


Feed the fish 1 to 2 times daily, each time with the
amount that should be eaten up within 5 minutes.

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