AZOO CICHLID STICK IMPORTED floating food for medium and large cichlids AZOO Cichlid Stick

Buy AZOO CICHLID STICK online Sinking sticks tailored for rift lake cichlids, Azoo Cichlid Sticks provide balanced daily nutrition for these active fish. By sinking slowly through the water column, the sticks trigger a natural feeding response in midwater column and bottom dwelling cichlids. The sticks offer a concentrated protein level around 40-45% to fuel growth and breeding cycles. A mix of fish meals along with Astaxanthin and beta carotene enhances cichlid coloration. A blend of vitamins and amino acids supports a healthy immune system and metabolism. Azoo Cichlid Sticks float briefly before sinking, allowing fish to consume them readily. Made only with digestible premium ingredients, this diet optimizes nutrition for rift lake cichlids. The slow-sinking sticks allow easy, instinctual feeding.

Floating Type, plus Glucan
For medium and large cichlids


1. Manufactured by the most advanced biotechnology.
Developed by carefully selected natural ingredients
for well-balanced nutrition, suitable for medium and
large cichlids.

2. Premium ingredients with Spirulina, Caroteniod that
helps enhance fish body color and boost immunity system.


White Fish Meal, Krill, Spirulina, Fish Oil, Astacine,
Lecithin, Caroteniod, Plumule Powder, Yeast Powder,
Wheat Powder, Glucan, Vitamins.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 40% (Min)
Crude Fat: 5% (Min)
Crude Fiber: 7% (Max)
Moisture: 7 %(Max)


This well-balanced food should be fed 2 to 3 times,
but only as much as fish can eat up within 3 minutes.

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