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King Fish Red Parrot Food produces RED CHILI results

Buy King Fish Red Parrot Food

Product: King Fish Red Parrot.

Weight: 100 grams.
Granules size: small (great for parrot fish)

Guaranteed analysis:

Protein min 45.5%
Fat 7.8%,
Fiber 3%,
Ash 13%.
King Fish Red Parrot is an easily digestible high protein food blended well with the highest quality of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Will help your fish grow faster and have better health. At the same time the food has been developed to keep consistency with the color and shape of the fish is.
Enriched with Red Shrimp meal and Spirulina. Helping to deliver nutrients in abundance to your fish to ensure that they will keep their red color and good shape.
Its Peptide soya, reinforced by Spirulina, provides an excellent formula of B - Glucan which is effective in boosting the immune system in disease resistance of the fish.
Modern technology combined with meticulous care in the production process and transport and storage helps maintain a nutritious diet composition, especially in vitamins and minerals as well as helping to develop the fish well as it should be.
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