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Bujurquina Vittata "Banded Acara" - South American Cichlid

Bujurquina Vittata

(3) Bujurquina Vittata "Banded Acara" 

Up for sale are [3] unsexed Banded Acara Cichlids, approximately 2" -3" in size. The picture above depicts an ADULT MALE. Your fish may not have the coloration of the fish above [YET].
We have switch from 2 day shipping to overnight. Thus, overnight shipping is included in this sale and you can order as many items as you want and they will be shipped together for a FLAT shipping charge.
Order online with shipping to your home


Breeding The Banded Acara (Bujurquina Vittata)
Bujurquina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bujurquina vittata (Profile) - Cichlid Room Companion
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