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Keeping Midas Cichlid Fish in The Aquarium

midas cichlid fish
Welcome to a website run by a cichlid hobbyist for cichlid hobbyists. The purpose of this site is to provide information on the cichlid known as Amphilophus citrinellus or by its common name the Midas Cichlid. At you can find information ranging from care, breeding, feeding, morphs, helpful tips, breeders and more.
Information provided on this site will include a close relative known as Amphilophus labiatus. Additionally it is worth noting that hybrid cichlids have become part of our culture and are main stream now in pet stores and many online cichlid websites. Therefore information, pictures, videos of Parrot cichlids, Blood Parrot cichlids, Red Texas cichlids will be offered here for sale.
Essentially there will be an ongoing effort to add and expand this site with the latest helpful information on this beautiful cichlid species. The Midas Cichlid also goes by another common name, which is the Red Devil and sometimes it’s called Red Devil Fish or Red Devil Cichlid.
The Red Devil is often used to describe another species, which is similar in size, color and temperament, Amphilophus labiatus. While the focus of this site will be on the Midas Cichlid, it is important to include information on A. labiatus and other Amphilophus species or complexes. Even Flowerhorns too as they have become part of our culture in the aquarium hobby.

Table of Contents

Breeding Midas Cichlids is fun and not to difficult given the right conditions and tank space.
There are so many new opportunities to find attractive Midas Cichlids on sale from the internet.
Caring for Midas cichlid fish requires heavy water changes because these big guys eat and produce a lot of waste in the aquarium.
What you feed your red devil fish will determine how long and healthy their lives will be. Remember healthy fish are happy fish too.

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